Unit 2: Day in the Life Snapshots

Healthcare professionals briefly describe what they do and introduce medical terminology

Day in the Life: Clinical; Part 1-5

Clinical Part 1:
Featuring Dr. Melissa Simon, OBGYN, Northwestern University

Clinical Part 2:
Featuring Dr. Kristi Kirschner, Physiatrist, Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital

Clinical Part 3:
Teri Hedding, Manager of Deaf Services, Sinai Health Systems
Stefany Campos, Domestic Violence Coordinator, Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital
Joel Irizarry, Admissions Coordinator, Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital
Rocio Guillen, Unit Secretary, Sinai Health System

Clinical Part 4:
Melody Young, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
Juan Carlos Caicedo, Transplant Surgeon, Northwestern University
Carole Robinson, Phlebotomist, Rush University Medical Center

Clinical Part 5:
Fatima Khaja, Pharmacist, Alivio Medical Center
Berenice Lopez, Dentist, Alivio Medical Center
Mackenzie Douglas, Midwife, Alivio Medical Center

Day in the Life: STEM

STEM Part 1:
Featuring Dr. Teresa Woodruff, Reproductive Scientist, Northwestern University

STEM Part 2:
Featuring Dr. Thom McDade, Biological Anthropologist, Northwestern University

Day in the Life: Leadership

Dan Linzer, Provost, Northwestern University
Afaf Meleis, Former Dean of a School of Nursing & Professor, University of Pennsylvania
John Earl Franklin, Associate Dean for Minority & Cultural Affairs, Northwestern University

Day in the Life: Policy

Margie Schaps, Executive Director, Health & Medicine Policy Research Group
Bechara Choucair, Former Commissioner, Chicago Department of Public Health
Mildred Thompson, Senior Director, Policylink

Day in the Life: Public Health and Bioinformatics

Public Health and Bioinformatics:
Dr. Mercedes Carnethon, Epidemiologist, Northwestern University
Dr. Abel Kho, Bioinformatics Specialist, Northwestern University
Dr. XinQi Dong, Director of the Chinese Health, Aging, and Policy Program Rush University Medical Center

Day in the Life: Military and Industry

Military and Industry:
Dr. Whitney You, OBGYN and Former Military Physician, Northwestern University
Dr. Anne Beal, Chief Patient Officer, Sanofi

Day in the Life: Community; Part 1-3

Community Part 1:
Carmen Velasquez, Community Leader, Founder of Alivio Medical Center
Esther Corpuz, Community Leader, Chief Executive Office of Alivio Medical Center
Esther Wong, Community Leader, Executive Director of Chinese American Service League (CASL)
Bernarda “Bernie” Wong, Community Leader, President and Founder of CASL

Community Part 2:
Jana Stringfellow-Estell & Orletta Garmon, Community Health Workers, Sinai Urban Health Institute
Dr. Virginia Bishop, Adolescent Medicine Physician, Public Health Educator, Community Leader
Evelyn Cordero, Research Assistant, Health Educator, Northwestern University

Community Part 3:
Dr. Rodney Haring, Social Scientist, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Dr. Michelle Birkett, Research Psychologist, Northwestern University